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Hawaii Marine Company - naval architecture, boat & yacht design,  marine engineering, maritime expert witness, marine photography, NAVIC 10-92 submittals, nautical systems, professional engineer, stability tests, computer aided design and drafting services Ship, barge, boat, yacht and catamaran design calculations, technical reports and drawings for NVIC 10-92 submittals. USCG and ABS certification work, nautical systems, weights and moments, stability tests, computer aided design, drafting, maritime expert witness and phtography services.
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Container Ship at Sea

This page contains comments are our services.  These comments come various segments of the maritime industry.  Some of these remarks are from our customers.  Other statements are from regulatory agents, marine surveryors, admiralty and maritime lawyers.

"Many thanks for your cooperation and product. ... This exceeds what we expected, or hoped for.  Great!!! ..."
Capt. William Behan
, Senior Marine Surveyor, Behan Marine, Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii

"I really enjoyed our time together.  ... You did a great job and made a wonderful presentation. Thanks for hanging in there!  God must have made all this happen for a reason.  Sometimes when there is no hope, or things look impossible, God brings people into my life that know how to do the impossible.  Thanks for being his instrument." Capt. Randall W. Smith, General Manager, Aloha Dive Shop, Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii

"We reviewed the mooring structure analysis  ... also performed our own computer analysis to verify their (Hawaii Marine) numbers.  The analysis was very thorough and well done ... We find that all components are satisfactorily designed ... We recommend approval approval of the mooring of the drydock ..."
John Cecilio, Naval Facilities Engnrng. Cmd., Washington, D.C.

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel"Thank you (Mr. Brian Trenhaile) for the stability training you presented ... It was refreshing to have a member of the marine community volunteer to present a topic to us, and the training you gave was pertinent, timely, and informative for my inspectors ... I hope that we can call on your expertise again."
CDR. R. C. Simonson, USCG Chief, Inspection Dept., Honolulu, HI

"Mr. Whiting (Senior Marine Surveyor of Lloyd's Register of Shipping) said he had been particularly impressed by your detailed, well itemized, thoroughly documented reports and proposals .. Of course, I have had even greater opportunity to see the level of excellence in your extensive input ..."
Capt. John Mihlbauer, All Ship and Cargo Surveys, Limited, Honolulu, HI

"I have retained Brian Trenhaile as an expert in numerous maritime personal injury cases.  His reports are incredibly thorough and his opinions are brilliant and backed by pertinent safety standards and engineering calculations.  Rather than just parroting the attorney's opinions Brian actually digs in, does the research, and makes the case.  It's refreshing to have such a creative expert.  He testifies well in trial.  He doesn't lose his focus on the stand and is unshakable.  I highly recommend him in any case where maritime or engineering safety issues are involved."      
Preston Easley, Maritime
Attorney, Honolulu, Hawaii

I recently retained Brian Trenhaile in a maritime personal injury case involving catastrophic injuries sustained by a passenger.  Brian conducted a meticulously thorough inspection and evaluation of the vessel.  He produced architectural diagrams, tables of measurements, and excerpts from relevant codes and regulations which graphically demonstrated the defects causing our Client’s injuries."                        
"His knowledge of the applicable regulations and vessel safety standards is encyclopedic.  He is organized, analytic, innovative and resourceful.  He is a highly credible witness because in addition, he is also fair and objective; he is not a hired gun.  Finally, his fees are extraordinarily reasonable.  I strongly recommend him for cases involving maritime engineering and construction issues."
Chris Bouslog, Attorney At Law, Honolulu, Hawaii

"Dear Brian:  This is to thank you for your assistance in this case.  Your careful and thorough review of the facts of the case would have proved invaluable should we have proceeded to trial.  I am keeping your card and business information on file and will be calling you in the event I require the services of a naval architect.  Again, thank you for your help."
Cynthia A. Farias, Attorney at Law, Honolulu, Hawai