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Tankage Summary (English Units)

Description Automatically computes total weight, centroids and free surface effect of all tanks on board.  Each of these tanks may be at any user selected level from zero to one-hundred percent full.  

Electronic Document Type:  Microsoft Excel spreadsheet           Cost: $10.00 US funds

Number of Pages: single sheet                        


  • For each tank the following information is required:

    • Tank I. D. Number, Tank Name, Liquid Type (like water, FO, LO, etc.)

    • How full is the tank for condition being evaluated.  This value can be anywhere from zero to one hundred percent.  This is an important input variable and it makes life much easier when evaluating different vessel conditions.

    • The maximum fluid weight possible for tank contents,  the vertical, longitudinal and transverse centroids of this maximum possible weight. 

    • Weight Density of Fluid (for English Units) or Specific Gravity of Fluid (for metric units)

    • The maximum moment of inertia of the tank's free surface for rotation in the transverse direction.

    • The tank's relative location like CL for on centerline, Port for port side, and Stbd for starboard side of the vessel.

    • Any comments like the tanks position Frames 7-8, if tank is modified, etc.

  • Table number and title, vessel or project name, remarks like the client's name (all these are optional items).


  • The weight of fluid in each tank is computed based on the percentage full specified by the user.  The moments produced by each tank are also computed.

  • The total weight of all tank fluids and the centroids of this weight.

  • The free surface effect for each tank is computed based on the tanks fluid properties and moment of inertia.

  • The total free surface effect for all the tanks involved.

Suggested Reading:

  • naval architecture or yacht design texts 

  • Basic Ship Theory, by Rawson and Tupper

  • Principles of Naval Architecture, by SNAME

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