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Time Log (Dollar Currency)

Description: This handy spreadsheet automatically computes computes time spent and labor cost for each session along with cumulative time and labor cost for entire project.  In addition it provides a neat formatted record that can be easily submitted along with a client billing.  Multiple hourly rates may be used with this spreadsheet.

Electronic Document Type:  Microsoft Excel spreadsheet           Cost: $5.00 US funds

Number of Pages: single sheet                        


  • For session the following is required:

    • Start date, time and description of session's work.  The time must include am or pm or military time must be used.  Example 12/25/02 10:21 PM.  It is easiest to paste this start time also into the end time column and then modify the final end time when the session ends.  This usually results in less typing for inputting the end time and also keeps the spreadsheet from having undefined cells.

    • End date and time of session's work.  The time must include am or pm or military time must be used.  Example 12/25/02 11:51 PM.

    • The hourly rate for the session.  Example: 25.50 for $25.50 per hour.

  • Optional Items:

    • Company Logo or similar information at the top of the table.  Table title, vessel or project name, remarks like the client's name.

    • The labor type code for each session, like D for draftsman, E for engineer, C for clerical, etc.


  • The time spent and labor cost for each session.

  • The cumulative time and labor cost for a project.

Suggested Reading:

  • Microsoft Excel user manuals

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