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Hawaii Marine Company - naval architecture, boat & yacht design,  marine engineering, maritime expert witness, marine photography, NAVIC 10-92 submittals, nautical systems, professional engineer, stability tests, computer aided design and drafting services Those involved with the nautical, & professional engineering sectors can benefit from these products.  Products are suitable for use by Naval Architects, Marine, Ocean, Nautical, Structural, Civil & Mechanical Engineers, Sailors, Ship, Yacht & Boat Designers, Vessel Owners & Operators, Boat Builders, Construction Contractors and others.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my credit card billing say about a purchase from this site?

The credit card billing should include ATAHDOTNET or WWWDOT ATAH DOT NET in the billing line for your purchase.  Advanced Technology Associates Hawaii (it's website is at is the parent companyof Hawaii Marine Templates.

I cannot download my template what should I do?

First use the "Back" button on your browser to find the page with the download instructions.  Retry the instructions exactly.  To more easily remember the instructions suggest printing this page.  After you have done this and you still cannot get it to work contact the site administrator at

If you have paid for a product and are having trouble downloading it, please contact us immediately.  You will be assisted for free to get your product.  Sometimes there are problems with antivirus software, or security settings or the server, and all these cases are remedied for free.

I made a purchase and downloaded a file with a zip extension.  Now what do I do?

If you have Windows XP you should be able to right mouse click on the filename, with the zip extension, and then select "Extract All."  Then click "Next" and then "Next" again, the files should now be extracted.  If you don't have Windows XP a procedure similar to this may still work if a zip utility is already installed on your machine.  If not, you can obtain a free zip utility from or  Download the utility, then install the utility, then using the utilities instructions unzip (or extract) all the files that are contained in zip file downloaded from this site.

Am I required to self-report and pay for sales, or use tax, for my state?

Yes, if you are not in Hawaii and your state requires it.  We are only physically present in Hawaii and we do pay the Hawaii 4.5% Sales and Use Tax.  We are not physically elsewhere, so we are not required to pay your local sales and use taxes.  You are required to report and pay these taxes when they are applicable.  On this site you are purchasing software licenses, which are non-tangible products.  States may make applicability distinctions on whether or not the product is tangible or non-tangible.