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Template Customer Remarks

Customer comments regarding the Excel spreadsheet for Frame Area Properties:

  • I am a self-Employed Yacht designer in San Diego.  ... I use your section modulus template and have had many successful USCG (United States Coast Guard) approvals using this template, Thank You!  Micheal E Dockter, Marine Design & Drafting, Inc., 3319 Atlas St., San Diego, CA  92111-5015
    Phone: (858)300-6644, Fax: (858) 346-9415

Customer comments regarding tech support provided to customize the Trim and Stability Spreadsheet.  This work involved construction barges with decks that support a crawler crane and it's hook load:

  • “Thanks for the sheets … Thanks for doing this so quickly.  I will be using your services again for sure.”  Steve Haskell, VP, Triton Marine Construction

Customer comments regarding the boilerplate Savitsky Planing boat Excel template:

  • All is good with the template.  I am very impressed by your work.....because ..... it is so clear .... and tidy ...  Very impressive, ... and educated person with a simple mind.   ...  Win van 't Hul, Planing Boat Designer, New Zealand
  • This template is great, I've been interested in the Savitsky's calculative method for a long time.  In fact, I've talked to another professional naval architect, who is also a programmer and software vendor, he said these Savitsky calculations are extremely difficult to set up.  Another experience involves the Abracadabra Race Team.  They hired a very expensive highly technical professional boat designer to do Savitsky calculations.  The race syndicate sure paid him a whole lot more than the asking price for this boilerplate template.   It is my firm opinion that the listed template price for the Savitsky spreadsheet should be way more than the price listed on the website.    ... John Berzins, Architect, Kaneohe, Hawaii
Fish Boat Underway with Tuna Tower   Arial View of Sportfisherman

Customer comments regarding product line:

  • "... I found your website very useful.  Thanks to the spreadsheets available, my work has become much faster and accurate." Frank Martins Paes Barretto, Boat and Yacht Designer,
    MCP Yachts, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • "I feel really fortunate to have discovered this website and it's buried treasure!  Your programs sure save me a lot of long calculations."  
    James Langner, Marine Industry Designer
    J. L. Design, Boston, MA, USA
    781 639-4787, email:

  • "Your website helped me for long time so I apreciate the service you provide."
    Krishan Aluthpatabandige
    Student at Westlawn and Lloyd's Maritime Academy

Client comments regarding customer service:

  • "I just wanted to send you a special thanks for ...  It was above-and-beyond and I appreciate it greatly...  You've been very patient and kind ... and you can bet that I'll recommend your site (and business ethics) to anyone who is looking for a better, easier way than wholly manual calculation.  The templates are a great idea!  Thanks again, ..."
    West D. Devick,
    Yacht and Boat design student, Oronoco, MN

  • "I am in the propeller tuning business, and I was looking for software which could give quick powering estimates for planing boats. Thanks to Google I am directed to Hawaii Marine. I ordered the Savitsky template and after receiving it I asked some questions by email. It was Christmas time, so I was ready to wait for some time. But much to my surprise and pleasure I got the complete answers and assistance immediately. The service was superb. ..."  
    Massimo Stori, Ecomet sas
    viale Regina Margherita, 41/A
    45100 ROVIGO - I