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Hawaii Marine Company - naval architecture, boat & yacht design,  marine engineering, maritime expert witness, marine photography, NAVIC 10-92 submittals, nautical systems, professional engineer, stability tests, computer aided design and drafting services Those involved with the nautical, & professional engineering sectors can benefit from these products.  Products are suitable for use by Naval Architects, Marine, Ocean, Nautical, Structural, Civil & Mechanical Engineers, Sailors, Ship, Yacht & Boat Designers, Vessel Owners & Operators, Boat Builders, Construction Contractors and others.
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Technical Support

Each electronic worksheet has usage documentation already included within purchase packages.  This documentation is designed such that you will not normally need any further assistance from Hawaii Marine to use the package. 

However, besides documentation included with electronic worksheets, we do provide tech support on a prepaid hourly basis.  

This support is designed to help you to get up and running on an existing electronic document or in creating a new one.

Technical support services must be prepaid.  Please prepay the amount of hours you expect to be helped.  Unused hours will be refunded back to you.  If additional hours are required another prepayment must be made for them.  A one hour minimum payment is required.  Prepayment is set up to be instantaneous and easy by using the following payment options:


Standard $135/hour

Rush $203/hour

For other online payments, where exact amounts are specified by the buyer, click on one of the buttons below:

Alternatively, you may pay through check.  With this option you must wait 10 days after our receipt to allow for bank processing.  This applies to domestic United States checks.  Allow twenty days for international check payments to clear the bank.

After you have prepaid for our services, you may call us at your own long distance expense or work through email.  Any contact time, whether it be by phone or email will be deducted from your prepaid fees.

Special Case - Free Technical Support

Once in a great while some customers have problems downloading products which they have already paid for.  This may be due to software settings, antivirus or security settings or a very rare glitch with the server.  In these special cases technical support is provided free, but only for assisting you in obtaining your pre-paid product.